"Speed is the key"

3 questions for Stefano Di Santo, CEO of Körber Digital and Co-Managing Director of connyun: Together with his growing team and network across the Group, has a clear goal: to support Körber and each Business Area on their way to the top.

Stefano, you and your teams at Körber Digital and connyun want to support the Körber Group on its way to a new era. What are your specific goals?

Our overarching goal is to work together with all colleagues to develop new innovative business models, products and services and drive digital innovation to create new revenue streams for the Group.

What is the basic strategy for achieving these objectives?

For decades, Körber has been excellent in mechanical and plant engineering. This is where we have our strong roots. For some years now, we have been massively expanding our software competence in all Business Areas. In other words, thanks to our high-performance technological capabilities, we play a leading role in all our customer industries. In order to keep it that way and to be able to open up completely new "playing fields", we are now taking the next step, in this case a very big one. Körber Digital was founded to take a different approach, fostering the digital advancement of the Group. This means, in concrete terms, supporting the BAs in implementing and the rollout of digital projects, which will have an impact on the revenue streams. We will do this through specific consulting and expertise that we offer to the BAs.

What characterizes the way Körber Digital operates?

We work very fast and agile. Everybody in the team – as well as I – has to make rapid decisions and act quickly. It's the only chance to succeed. There is a “law” we call the “Power Law”: the first one, who picks up and realizes a good idea, occupies the entire market. Companies such as Amazon, Airbnb or Uber are proof of this. With their smart business models, they are almost out of competition – at least right now. For example, Uber offers its customers taxi rides without having its own vehicle fleet. Recognizing good ideas quickly and perfecting them before everyone else. That's the point. Being one step ahead of the others. Speed is the key to this.