There are hidden potentials lying dormant in your production. Wake them up and unleash the effectiveness of your machines. With the I4_Suite you have a mature and ready-to-use solution.

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Our solutions for your needs

We constantly adopt the connyun IIoT platform to meet our customers’ expectations. Thereby, our diverse team of cloud, automation and user experience experts is a key asset. As well, the connyun team follows lean product and user experience development approaches. This is how we iterate forward. Therefore, the connyun IIoT platform quickly evolves and provides significant customer value.

Cross functional knowledge

In order to meet the high requirements of our customers, we work on solutions in close cooperation. We speak the languages of production and mechanical engineering. Together with our service design specialists, we use creative methods to evaluate the requirements for an outstanding user experience.

Implementation is carried out smoothly, with close collaboration between production experts and software engineers. The worlds of OT and IT meet on a daily basis in our work – we understand one another and achieve the best results together.

Customer centric

The scalable connyun platform empowers an innovative community to offer digital services. These services can push the efficiency and flexibility of machines, of lines and thereby consequently of complete productions.
Machine builders and system integrators can co-innovate with leading software partners in the field of big data and machine learning (aka. AI) to offer valuable digital solutions for production operators. Production operators benefit from a growing ecosystem of innovative apps that enable new business models and increase efficiency.

Lean approach

The decisive advantages of our lean approach are great agility and strict implementation principles. Systematic product development cycles from “Build” and “Measure” to “Learn” provide rapid information about whether customers are convinced by your offerings. Customer feedback is of decisive importance for connyun and has a major influence on our decisions.

“Our platform is a perfect fit, because you can directly focus on your Industrie 4.0 solution. We simply provide the required plug & work IIoT cloud platform.”

Daniel Reinhardt (Senior IoT Product Manager)

Experience brings your business forward

The connyun IIoT starter kit

With our IIoT starter kit you can experience digitalization live. Read here about our product


Modern industrial internet of things (IIoT) services are rich of features and possibilities. Therefore, it is crucial for everybody to co-innovate and share knowledge among a strong community of diverse experts. The connyun ecosystem is a constant source of innovation. Our ecosystem is also the right environment to prototype solutions and to profit from a strong knowledge base to create your own digital business models and services with maximum customer value.


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