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The connyun IIoT starter kit

IIoT starter kit content

5 Licenses for 3 months

Use the platform together with colleagues and discover its functionalities with up to 5 connected machines

2 Day Developer Training

Get hands-on training to connect your machines and develop customized own asset views

4 hours individual support service

Box and Cloud Usage

Get your configured connectivity box for 3 months including dedicated cloud space for your data & apps

EcoSystem Community

Join the community of all partners to exchange knowledge, learn from each other and accelerate your projects

Get your IIoT starter kit

Felix Raab, Head of Business Development

T. +49 821 797 4737

Advantages of the connyun IIoT starter kit

Machine Connectivity

Easy cloud connection of your machine via standard protocols or custom APIs

Connect your devices to the cloud using OPC UA and MQTT.
Besides, you can develop your own custom stream connectors.

Asset Management

Manage master data and locations of your assets in customized asset views

Get started with an out-of-the-box asset view to display master data.
Quickly add/remove assets, display their location on the shop floor/world and enter/edit master data.

Condition Monitoring

Monitor your machine and get notifications and alarms in case of issues

Perfectly present solutions to your customers with customized asset views. Asset views can include charts, gauges, locations and define rules to get alarms and notifications.

Performance Dashboard

Visualize and analyze historic data to get more insights into your machine

Show your customers the performance of your solution with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards.

Therefore, use predefined, configurable dashboard items (such as bar charts) for high level OEE or KPIs like availability, average runtimes, number of errors and pieces produced.

Remote Service

Use the cloud to quickly start a remote connection to your machine

Reduce your service cost and add customer value with a Remote VPN Connection to connected assets via the Connectivity Box.


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