The ideal ecosystem

Michael Krieger, CEO of MeetNow! GmbH

"We see the comprehensive architecture of the ‘connyun open cloud platform’ as a big advantage for implementing and marketing our apps, our products for IoT security and customer-specific solutions on this pioneering platform. connyun offers an ideal ecosystem for specialists such as MeetNow."

An open infrastructure

Thomas Rappold, CEO of I&S Consulting GmbH

"connyun delivers the first and most advanced platform approach of this kind for data in the 4th industrial age. In light of the digital revolution, connyun is building an agnostic, open infrastructure for a boundless IoT community."

A new level of efficiency

Edmund Bahr, Director of Production at KUKA Roboter GmbH in Augsburg

"Despite a wide variety of ‘assets’ from various manufacturers, connyun enables us to network all machines and systems involved in the value creation process. This provides me with production transparency in real time, allowing me to evaluate processes holistically and adjust them if necessary. My production operations thus achieve a new level of efficiency."

connyun convinces with a broad pallet of IIoT applications and services

More transparency and capacity, fewer standstill times

connyun optimizes production processes – quickly and with a minimum of effort. Just how targeted such optimization can be is demonstrated by the fully automated and networked KUKA robot cell in which two Heller machining centers have been installed. The problem: Previously, the machining center was brought to a standstill at night. In order to increase transparency, connyun installed Senceforge from Altran – which checks the temperature, cooling time and vibration of the tools in real time. Using the acquired data, it was possible to optimize the production process in the shortest amount of time and in close coordination with KUKA production management. Thanks to effective support from connyun, KUKA was able to network all of the involved cell components with one another and thus open the way for problem solving. As a result of this optimization, all Heller machining center data can now be collected in the Connectivity Box and forwarded to the cloud.

In addition to this, relevant services such as authentication, data processing, predictive maintenance and evaluation of events are also supplied on the connyun IIoT platform. A further plus: Using the OPC UA standard protocol, all the information of all assets can be depicted in clearly structured dashboards. In this way, operators, maintenance personnel and production management have full control of the production process at any time and from any location. Overall positive results from the modification: In the event, when an issue arose it was possible to trace the causes for the standstill and quickly eliminate them through the newly achieved transparency. In specific terms, this reduced standstill times and enabled the capacity utilization of robot production to be adapted to demand.

Flexible interfaces for individual customer requirements

The connyun IIoT platform offers a broad pallet of industrial IoT applications and services. The applications include asset management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The IIoT services are ready-to-use modules for IIoT solutions, such as manufacturing machine learning, manufacturing analytics/big data, rule engines, event management and workflow.

In order to make it easy for the user to work with the data, they are prepared in an ergonomic user interface on the user end device, which can be accessed immediately via web browser login. With the Heller cell, access occurs via an overview screen. The user can then navigate to the individual systems. In addition to the overview of the system status, functions such as a shop floor plan and the KPIs of the individual production cells are offered here. Thanks to the flexibility of the user interfaces, their appearance can be adapted to specific customer requirements.

Now leverage the advantages of Industrie 4.0 for yourself – with the connyun IoT starter kit

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IIoT expert connyun networks complex I4.0 production solution at Motek 2017

Comprehensive ecosystem, up and running 12 times faster

Together with its partners, connyun is setting new benchmarks in terms of networking speed in the “Arena of Integration” at Motek 2017. In just 3 months, the pioneer in Industrial IoT jointly created a high-performance Industrie 4.0 ecosystem with the Mechatronik BW regional network – a project that would previously have taken roughly 3 years to implement in industry. In addition to the incredible speed of implementation, the connyun solution is also exciting for its simple integration as well as its comprehensive capabilities and transparency.

Making light work of integration: the connyun IIoT platform is networked with 13 specialist companies, thus creating a highly efficient and powerful team

In the “Arena of Integration”, connyun appeared with 17 mid-sized companies in order to illustrate the integration capacity of a wide variety of core competencies in a single integrated value chain. Here, it was also necessary to show the systematic implementation of aspects relevant to Industrie 4.0 – such as controlling the system, the processes and the data management via edge cloud solutions. The joint task: to manufacture a customized flashlight – with the possibility of including a name and selecting a color. The task was contingent on a process involving the transfer, analysis and evaluation of data. These data were then transmitted to the networked component suppliers within the transfer system in order to trigger relevant repair and controlling loops. The pilot project initiated by the Mechatronik BW regional network provided an example of how interdisciplinary cooperation with competitors can be leveraged to devise individual customer systems whose complexity would exceed the resources of the individual companies.

The connyun IIoT platform: comprehensive high performance, including risk assessment and TÜV inspection

Using its connyun IIoT platform, connyun integrates all of the global players, mid-sized companies and start-up companies involved in the demonstration system – companies such as Festo, Schnaithmann Maschinenbau, Heldele Automation, Design Engineering, Tekon and Elabo. They were all directly integrated into the processes of the circulating conveyor system. The connyun IIoT platform collected, analyzed and transformed the data into readily comprehensible information. The connyun networking concept was able to do much more than that, however: it also provided the basis for risk assessment and TÜV inspection. Based on the connyun data, Ernst & Young, IPO.Plan and TÜV SÜD presented simulations, assessments and certification procedures related to the system.

Complex variety of data harmonized intelligently and made useful via OPC / UA

All of the production-relevant steps were carried out in stations along the roughly 25-meter-long production line – including assembly, quality assurance, function testing and much more. The collected data and the corresponding states were visualized on monitoring units so that trade fair visitors could inform themselves about the progress of a specific flashlight at any time and at any point in the system. The connyun backbone thus received a wide variety of data (for example, from the checking of the temperature, air humidity and quality of the contacts, the battery charge, printing, inspection of the quality characteristics, and partial assembly, consisting of fitting the battery unit into the flashlight housing and screwing on the endpiece, and much more besides). Using OPC UA interfaces to link components, connyun processed the data orchestrated by IT Engineering. This significantly simplified implementation of the ecosystem and turned each individual player into an equal part of the overall performance.

A basic IIoT solution with intelligent use of the cloud and a security advantage

Even though connyun’s comprehensive process expertise covers everything from Industrie 4.0 to machine learning, the IIoT experts deliberately limited their demonstration system at Motek 2017 to the basic functions of Industrie 4.0 – such as an integrated data structure and monitoring. The goal here: to enable all trade fair visitors to understand directly, quickly and easily what the specific advantages of an IIoT solution are for them. Based on the connyun backbone, it was possible to inform the “customers” for the customized flashlights as to the current production step their product was running through as well as to provide a rough time estimate for completion. Delays arising in the production process could also be precisely located and analyzed.

Easily leverage the strengths of I4.0 for yourself – with the connyun IoT starter kit

Companies can start taking immediate advantage of the elements demonstrated by connyun at Motek 2017. connyun offers a high-performance, cost-effective IoT starter kit for this. It connects up to five machines for up to five users, including intensive training, support and a three-month test phase – time enough to master the most important step into the networked world of Industrie 4.0.