IIoT expert connyun now part of “Digital Engineering” digital hub in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

State Secretary Katrin Schütz visits connyun

The “Digital Engineering” digital hub brings together companies hailing from various industries in southwest Germany that will increasingly be cooperating to implement Industrie 4.0 solutions. To this end, connyun is contributing its comprehensive knowledge in the field of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and working together with other companies to speed up the digital transformation. The hub pools expertise and resources from different industries.

Katrin Schütz, State Secretary at the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, paid a visit to the start-up and underscored the concept of digital hubs. “Digitization not only enables industry to achieve real-time control of production, but also makes it possible for companies to use energy and resources more efficiently and improve their productivity. I am very pleased that connyun GmbH decided to establish its headquarters in Karlsruhe. This is a fine example of how the innovative state of Baden-Württemberg is taking a leading role in Industrie 4.0.”

In Baden-Württemberg, there is an ever-increasing focus on the added value of digital production and digital services in mechanical engineering. The “Digital Engineering” digital hub forms the framework for promoting the region’s innovation potential via “hidden champions” and businesses from the region. Dr. Christian Schlögel, CEO of connyun, will be active in shaping the initiative and facilitating the exchange of experiences, with the Karlsruhe start-up functioning as a competence center for IIoT: “Together with the companies based here in the southwest, we will be working towards digitizing production in this economic region. For this, connyun will apply its expertise and provide advice.”