The core - connyun IIoT platform

The scalable connyun IIoT platform empowers an innovative community to offer digital services. These services can push the efficiency and flexibility of machines, of lines and thereby consequently of complete productions. Machine builders and system integrators can co-innovate with leading software partners in the field of big data and machine learning (aka. AI) to offer valuable digital solutions for production operators. Production operators benefit from a growing ecosystem of innovative apps that enable new business models and increase efficiency.



Managed Security

"Our platform is the key enabler for getting true value out of your IIoT applications."

Stefan Kusterer (CTO)

Machine Connectivity

The key to success is insight and insight is based on data.

In the connyun cloud you get access to the resources necessary to generate these insights from your data. To get your data into the cloud, simply connect your machines, lines or complete sites. Therefore, you can choose from various connectivity options. Available connyun connectivity options span from hardware connectivity gateways, flexible software connectivity gateways up to cloud-to-cloud connectivity endpoints.

As connyun we offer you out of the box connectivity to OPC UA servers, to MQTT publishers and highly flexible adoption layers for other protocols. Moreover, with the connyun platform you can fully utilize existing OPC UA information models and OPC UA information models according to OPC UA companion specifications.

Analytics & Big Data

Converting data to insights requires three things: the right data, the right tools and the right experts. Within the connyun ecosystem you will find them all.

Your data is redundantly stored in different layers, so that you get quick access to important information without sacrificing to storing huge amounts of data in the long term. In addition, with connyun you can use state-of-the-art analytics tools to extract insights from your data. Therefore, connyun offers substantial computing power just in time. As well, the connyun ecosystem holds analytics experts to support you and experts for artificial intelligence to create unimagined value by teaching machines with your data.

In conclusion, as machine builders or production operator you will find exactly what you need to hit the ground running with IIoT and Industrie 4.0.

Industrie 4.0 Apps

In the machine building business innovation and experience are two of the main pillars for success.

On the one hand, buyers of machines expect highest throughput and precision due to top-performing technology. On the other hand, buyers of machines expect optimal overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and environmental sustainability. Therefore, you can select Industrie 4.0 apps for your machines and productions as digital services provided by experts offered via the connyun platform.


Modern industrial internet of things (IIoT) services are rich of features and possibilities. Therefore, it is crucial for everybody to co-innovate and share knowledge among a strong community of diverse experts.

The connyun ecosystem is a constant source of innovation. Our ecosystem is also the right environment to prototype solutions and to profit from a strong knowledge base to create your own digital business models and services with maximum customer value.


We are proud that businesses of all sizes and across every sector are choosing our engine to develop their smart production. Become part of the connyun community.

More transparency and capacity, fewer standstill times

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Comprehensive ecosystem, up and running 12 times faster

IIoT expert connyun networks complex I4.0 production solution at Motek 2017. Read the full reference case here 

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