Up and running 12 times faster: There was great enthusiasm across the board for the fast implementation speed of the connyun solutions. Here, IoT Engineer Ancel Kengmengne Sando explains to our customers the most important details of the connyun networking concept.

Trio of experts: In the “Arena of Integration” of the Mechatronik BW regional network at Motek 2017, IoT Engineer Ancel Kengmegne Sando, Head of Business Development Felix Raab and IoT Engineer Samuel Hegenloh presented fascinating details of the complex I4.0 production solution to our customers.

SmartProduction facts and figures at a glance: Even though connyun’s comprehensive process expertise covers everything from Industrie 4.0 to machine learning, the IIoT experts deliberately limited their contribution to the demonstration system at Motek 2017 to the basic functions of Industrie 4.0 – such as an integrated data structure and monitoring

Making light work of integration: In the “Arena of Integration”, along with 17 mid-sized companies, connyun demonstrated the integration capacity of a wide variety of core competencies in a single integrated value chain.

The prized object: A customized flashlight was produced in the “Arena of Integration” – including the option of entering a name and selecting a color. Here, it was necessary to show the systematic implementation of aspects relevant to Industrie 4.0 – such as controlling the system and data management via edge cloud solutions.