The ideal ecosystem

Michael Krieger, CEO of MeetNow! GmbH

"We see the comprehensive architecture of the ‘connyun open cloud platform’ as a big advantage for implementing and marketing our apps, our products for IoT security and customer-specific solutions on this pioneering platform. connyun offers an ideal ecosystem for specialists such as MeetNow."

An open infrastructure

Thomas Rappold, CEO of I&S Consulting GmbH

"connyun delivers the first and most advanced platform approach of this kind for data in the 4th industrial age. In light of the digital revolution, connyun is building an agnostic, open infrastructure for a boundless IoT community."

A new level of efficiency

Edmund Bahr, Director of Production at KUKA Roboter GmbH in Augsburg

"Despite a wide variety of ‘assets’ from various manufacturers, connyun enables us to network all machines and systems involved in the value creation process. This provides me with production transparency in real time, allowing me to evaluate processes holistically and adjust them if necessary. My production operations thus achieve a new level of efficiency."

Don’t wait for Industrie 4.0 – shape it!
With connyun, you simply become part of the digital future.

The future of industry lies in intelligent networking. You are a step ahead if you master service concepts such as predictive maintenance and digital business models. Sounds easy? It is – with connyun. Take advantage of our leading expertise in mechanical engineering from the global player KUKA and of our rapidly growing ecosystem of technology partners. We know the solutions your industry needs since we ourselves put them into practice. Together with connyun, find the solutions for your strategic 4.0 goal in just weeks.


...than separate customer relationships: a shared ecosystem

More market-driven...

...than individual technologies: a complete End-2-End solution


...than lengthy processes: market readiness in 3 months

More compatible...

...than closed controlled systems: open systems

More cost-effective...

...than large sales teams: sales via app store

End-2-End solutions for Industrie 4.0

The digital revolution will radically alter the industrial landscape. As an innovative player, connyun seamlessly combines productive OT worlds with intelligent IT worlds and Big Data. Flexible production and new business models – everything becomes feasible and calculable.

Ecosystem of technology partners

connyun is open, connyun uses swarm intelligence. We are agile in our action and thinking. And because we are networked directly with important drivers of innovation for Industrie 4.0, we find solutions quickly. Profit now from the advantage of experience in a dynamic future.

Your basis for new business models

Digitization opens unimagined dimensions. It enables new data-supported services and creates unique selling points. connyun identifies exploitable potential and develops specific collaborative solutions on the route to your predictive enterprise.

Don’t wait long, act!
4 steps, 3 months,
1 promise:

Bring your business up to Industrie 4.0 level. In just 3 months!

Industrie 4.0 End-2-End

One-day workshop

Do you know how you can revolutionize your business through Industrie 4.0? In our one-day workshop, you can find out how.

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Implement your business model with your machine – in a manner that is fast and saves costs. Optimize and evaluate your Industrie 4.0 concept using data gained from actual practice.

> What does my prototype accomplish?

Your pilot project

Immediately develop your idea into a market-ready pilot project in the connyun ecosystem. Use the interdisciplinary expertise of your technology partners in the connyun ecosystem.

> What your pilot project looks like


Become a game changer and an Industrie 4.0 pioneer in your market in 3 months. Create advantages through new business models. Gain valuable USPs, business opportunities und new customers.

> Timing for your rollout

Become part of the ecosystem!

Felix Raab, Head of Business Development

T. +49 821 797 4737


connyun @ Hannover Fair 2017 – Interest in Industrie 4.0 Cloud exceed expectations

15 May 2017 | 8:20 a.m. | News

Since a couple of years, the KUKA stand is one of the greatest highlights for Hannover Fair visitors.

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connyun moves into the “Alter Schlachthof” in Karlsruhe

23 December 2016 | 9:45 a.m. | News

The open manufacturing ecosystem partner is located at the heart of Karlsruhe, a city of 300,000 inhabitants.

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connyun gets a facelift

15 December 2016 | 2:15 p.m. | News

The redesign of the website provides, for the first time, detailed insight into the goals that the start-up sets for itself and how it aims to meet them.

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Meet, network,
win together!

Come to the summit meeting and become part of Germany’s Industrie 4.0 future.

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